I v o  d e  F i g u e i r e d o

Harald Haarfagresgate 8 B, 1607 Fredrikstad

Tlf. + 47 69 31 77 27 / +47-40 29 12 21

born 1966




Education Results


1994 II        Master degree in History (result: 1.9)

1991 II         Practical-pedagogical Seminar

1991 I          Nordic language and literature

1990 II        Seminar in language and phonetics

1990 I          History

1987 II         Science of Religion

1986 II        Examen Philosophicum



I’ve been working as a full time author since 1997. In addition, I’ve had several engagements, of wich

the following is the most important:

2008 II        Leader of the non-fiction writers academy at Universitetsforlaget and Aschehoug Publishing House.

2008 I         Employment as a reviewer of non-fiction books in the major daily newspaper, Aftenposten. Columnist in the local newspaper Fredriksstad Blad.

2001 I          Participation in the research programme "The Impact of National Socialism and Fascist Rule on Europe", Team 1. "The War of Legitimacy in Politics and Culture",  initiated and funded by the European Science Foundation.

1999 II        The Historical-Philosophical Faculty, University of Oslo. Engagement within the project: "The Legal Trials in Norway", subprogram: "The Frontfighter project". Publication of articles 2001 - 2004

1996 II

- 1997 I        The Skarpnes-committee/National Archive (Riksarkivet). Engagement for the committee investigating the seizure and restoration of Jewish property in Norway during and after the Second World War.

1996 I and

1997 I          Department of History, University of Oslo. Lectures on Norwegian history 1850-1960, writing-seminar for first year students.

1995 I

- 1997 I        Department of History, University of Oslo. Scientific assistant for prof. Ole Kristian Grimnes in connection with his biography of the industrial pioneer Sam Eyde, scientific assistant for prof. Øystein Sørensen, making a bibliography regarding the development of Norwegian national identity in the 19. century

1992 I and

1995 II         Grefsen videregående skole (senior high school), Oslo. History classes


Published work, performances etc.

2008 II        Støv. En monologisk mangetale om Henrik Wergelands liv etter døden. Play, 45 minutes. Opening 16. September 2008. Instruction by Bentein Baardson, actor Morten Røhrt.

2008 II        Støv. En bok om Henrik Wergeland, Oslo 2008 (246 pages)

2007 II        Henrik Ibsen. Masken, Oslo 2007 (Henrik Ibsen. The Mask, 677 pages))

2006 II        Slipp meg. En bok om Henrik Ibsen, Oslo 2006 (128 pages)

2006 I         Henrik Ibsen. Mennesket, Oslo 2006 (Henrik Ibsen. The Man, 459 pages)

2002 II        Den norske fascismen. Nasjonal Samling 1933 - 1940, Oslo 2002 ( together with Hans Olaf Brevig)

2002 II        Fri mann. Johan Bernhard Hjort. En dannelseshistorie, Oslo 2002 ( 447 pages)

1999 II        Fredrikstad bys historie VI. Mot et nytt årtusen, Fredrikstad 1999 ( 560 pages)


Articles (notincluding  reviews and newspaper articles)

2004 II        Et rettferdig oppgjør? Etterkrigsoppgjøret som rettslig og historisk problem, in Dahl, Hans Fredrik og Øystein Sørensen (ed). Et rettferdig oppgjør? Rettsoppgjøret i Norge etter 1945, Pax:Oslo 2004

2003 I         Biografiens to riker, Prosa 1/2003

2001 II         Etterkrigsoppgjøret som historisk problem, Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift 4/2001

2001 II         De norske frontkjemperne - hva litteraturen sier og veien videre, Historisk Tidsskrift 4/2001

2001 -2003  Johan Bernhard Hjort, Jonas Lie, Sverre Riisnæs in Norsk Biografisk Leksikon  (articles in Norwegian Biographical Encyclopedia)

2001 I          Langs historiens blindveier. Et portrett av Halldis Neegaard Østbye, Historie 1/2001

1996 I          Historie og moral. Okkupasjonsundervisningen i skolen, in Johnsen, Egil B. (red.). Forbildets forbilder. Norsk Sakprosa. Annen bok, Oslo 1996

1995 II         En norsk historikerstrid?, Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift 4/1995

1995 I          Ideologiens primat. Nasjonal Samling 1937-1940, Historisk Tidsskrift 3/1995 ( contains English summary)

1994 II        Nasjonal Samling 1937-1940. En analyse av partiets politiske og ideologiske utvikling, University of Oslo (thesis for the Master degree)


 Prizes etc.

2009 I         The Department of Culture and Church Affairs´ Award for non-fiction Literature for children and youth 2008. The price was given to Støv ( Dust).

2008II         Nominated to the national litterary award Brageprisen for Støv.

2007 I         The Department of Culture and Church Affairs´ Award for non-fiction Literature for children and youth 2006. The price was given to Slipp meg ( Let go).

2006 II        Fredrik Halvorsens legats literary award

2006 I         The Ibsen-medallion of Skien city

2003 II        Østfold Energiverks prize of honor for outstanding achivements in art 2003 (regional prize) 

2002 II        Received the national litterary award "Brageprisen" for Fri mann

1995 I          The Norwegian Historical Society´s "Aschehougstipend" for 1994


Memberships, associations  etc.

Member of the Norwegian Nonfiction Writers- and Translators Association. From 2008 II member

of the Norwegian Critics Association. From 2009 I member of the Norwegian Language- and

Litterature Society (Norsk Selskab for Sprog og Litteratur)